2018 Seminar Presentations

January 12 – TIPS, Coral Gables, FL
“Building an Effective Administrative Record” (Al Holifield, Lisa Serebin, Michael Labbee, Brian Kim)

February 8-10 – ABA EBC Midwinter, Clearwater, FL
“Prescription Drug Program Trends and Litigation” (Kimberly L. Bradley, Al Holifield, Gretchen S. Obrist)

“Fiduciary Litigation Update” (Peter Dickinson, Radha Pathak, Robert Rachal, Thomas Tso)

April 18 – National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) Conference
“Non-Leveraged ESOP Formation” (Dan Janich, Peter Abrahamson)

May 15 and 16 – ABA JCEB Advanced ERISA Litigation, Chicago, IL

“Service Provider Litigation” (R. Joseph Barton, Al Holifield, Benjamin Eisner, Ruben Chapa)

Interlocutory Appeals” (Thomas Tso, R. Joseph Barton, Robert Rachal)

Defined Contribution Plan Investment Litigation” (Joanne Roskey, Mary Bortscheller, Robert Rachal)

May 17 – Advanced ERISA Benefit Claims Litigation, Chicago, IL

“Administrative Appeals Review – Health Claims”  (Denise M. Clark, Adam Garner, Al Holifield)

“Benefits Administration – Issues Unique to Long-Term Disability Claims” (Denise M. Clark, Al Holifield, Peter M. Kelly)

June 22 – American College of Trusts & Estates Counsel, Chicago, Illinois

Planning for Closely-Held Business with Deferred Compensation and ESOPs” (Dan Janich)