Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP)

An ESOP is a complex tax qualified retirement plan that provides business owners and employees with substantial tax and business advantages not otherwise available with other types of qualified retirement plans.  In fact, Congress purposefully designed ESOPs to facilitate the tax-advantaged sale of businesses to employees and, in certain circumstances, Congress also allows ESOP-owned companies to be structured so that their corporate earnings are effectively non-taxable.  But Congress grants these substantial tax benefits through a qualified retirement plan vehicle that, in addition to being subject to myriad tax requirements, is also subject to ERISA’s stringent fiduciary duties of prudence and loyalty.

Navigating ESOP’s complex tax and fiduciary issues requires specialized experience.  Led by Dan Janich, the attorneys of HJRF have been nationally recognized trusted ESOP advisors for over 25 years using innovative approaches and methodologies to guide corporate entities in all aspects of the design, establishment and implementation of ESOPs.  We also have extensive experience in advising ESOP fiduciaries on their fiduciary duties, and on defending them from DOL investigations and lawsuits, e.g., using in part novel theories on ESOP note valuations, Robert Rachal recently won summary judgment and related rulings greatly limiting exposures in a lawsuit challenging the sale of one of the largest closely held ESOPs, a billion-dollar plus hotel company

Our ESOP clients include selling shareholders, lenders, trustees and plan fiduciaries. Our experience in ESOP transactions ranges from corporate acquisitions and mergers, establishment of a plan to incentivize the work force or to ease a business ownership transition and succession, as a financing tool for management and leveraged buyouts, and in connection with shareholder liquidity events.

In order to provide our clients with an integrated all-encompassing experience, we work closely with a network of other ESOP professionals such as feasibility study consultants, valuation advisors and investment bankers.

All Inclusive Representation

We work closely with our small and middle market business clients to ascertain their objectives and then devise the most appropriate strategy at every phase to meet their objectives as a plan sponsor and, where applicable, as a selling shareholder:

Establishment of the ESOP
  • Feasibility study analysis
  • Draw up ESOP plan and trust documents
  • Draw up all ESOP transaction-related documents
Administration of the ESOP
  • Advise on share distributions and repurchase procedures
  • Advise on compliance with ERISA
  • Advise and representation related to IRS and DOL audits
  • Advise regarding issues involved in ESOP terminations
Rescuing the ESOP

We specialize and have unique experience in addressing issues that ESOPs encounter on a regular basis that may impact or threaten their continued viability.  Clients call us “Mr. Fix It” because we fix what is broken in the operation or management of the ESOP and allow the entity to continue to operate successfully.

Terminating the ESOP

When necessary, clients retain us to terminate the ESOP.  Our approach to these assignments is to conduct the termination as efficiently as possible while protecting the interests of everyone involved.

Executive Compensation for ESOP Owned Companies
  • Develop key employee incentive plans for senior management that complement the operation of the ESOP
Representation of ESOP Trustees and Fiduciaries
  • Provide counseling on their fiduciary obligations
  • Advise on governance issues
  • Provide counseling and representation in IRS and DOL audits.
Publications and Presentations

Dan Janich is actively involved in The ESOP Association and the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO), having served in leadership positions in ESOP trade organizations, and he is frequently called upon to speak at national and local conferences on various of issues of concern to the ESOP community. Led by Dan and Robert Rachal, attorneys at HJRF also speak and write extensively for the ABA Labor and Tax sections and the Joint Committee on Employee Benefits, on issues from tax compliance to fiduciary duties and litigation avoidance. Representative publications and presentations include:


  • Robert Rachal, chapter co-author, ERISA Litigation (BNA 5th 2014) Chpt. 41 “Fiduciary Duties Regarding 401(k) & ESOP Investments in Employer Stock.
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